Minds On Massage

Hello, and Welcome to Minds On Massage!

Minds on Massage started back in 2012 as a very low-key blog. The idea originated when Certified Massage Therapist and Minds On Massage founder, Alyson Schlobohm (that’s me!), saw the same questions and complaints being voiced repeatedly in online massage forums; too many massage therapists were tired of working for someone else but didn’t quite know how to get started on their own. Having learned a lot of lessons the hard way, I wanted to share ALL of my knowledge with others. I LOVE running my own business as much as I love massage itself!

 I soon realized, however, that there was so much more that I wanted to incorporate in to this site. I am passionate about my job and helping others. One of my personal goals as a massage therapist is to share knowledge with my clients about how to feel better on a more regular basis. There are numerous self-care techniques that can be used without professional massage training. Regular self-care can be instrumental in achieving the best results!

So finally, the ideas all came together and became what you see today!

 The ultimate goal is to create a community of massage therapists and enthusiasts working together to educate and share everything massage. In the interim, new information will be added as frequently as I can manage. Currently, all of the information on this website has been created during my spare time – when I have cancellations, during my slower times of the year, on weekends, etc.

Check back regularly for updates, join our mailing list to be notified of new releases, visit our Contribution Center to learn about how you can get involved and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more great information and updates!