Alyson Schlobohm

Founder of Minds on Massage & Certified Massage Therapist

Alyson Schlobohm, Founder of Massage Business Planning

Hi, and thank you so much for visiting the Minds on Massage website!

My name is Alyson Schlobohm and I am the creator of this website.  I have been a practicing Certified Massage Therapist since 2010. I run my own private little massage practice, Not Your Typical Kneads, in Richmond, Virginia.

My passion for Massage Therapy began at a very early age. I was fortunate to have a Mother who not only practiced alternative methods in general but also allowed me to explore my own unique interests.

But I decided to give the more traditional corporate world a shot after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. After only a couple of years I decided that the high stress and unhealthy habits that came along with my corporate job simply were not worth it.

So in 2009 I took a HUGE leap and left my well-paying corporate career to attend American Institute of Massage (now Lotus School of Integrated Professions).

Believe it or not, when I did this, I had never actually had a professional massage! Somehow, somewhere deep down inside I simply knew it was something that I would fall in love with. Fortunately for me my intuition was correct and I fell in love with my new career!

However, even with my undergrad and professional background, what did prove to be more of a challenge was starting my own business. I refused to work for someone else because so many of the offers I received were downright horrifying; I simply was not willing to accept 40%-60% less than the standard rates in order to avoid the administrative work. I knew that I could do it myself; it just took me some time to learn the ropes. I was lucky in the fact that all of my professional and educational background came together to help me quickly build an incredibly lucrative business.

And so began my business blog. I wanted to help others more quickly achieve the same level of success that I had – without hitting all of the bumps in the road!

My passion for helping others grew to wanting to help other massage therapists achieve the same level of success that I have. As the website and ideas continued to grow I began to realize I wanted to share with everyone everything I have learned about this wonderful modality.

I am also dedicated to spreading awareness as to how helpful regular massage treatments can be, both physically and mentally. Having never experienced a professional massage before entering the program, I became blown when I learned how extremely beneficial therapeutic massage can be! Over the course of the years I have strived to find methods to maintain the last affects of massage therapy in between sessions – and now I am ready to share that information with the world!

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