Minds On Massage Professionals Forum Rules and Guidelines

The Minds On Massage Professionals Forum was established to:

  • Give massage therapists and related practitioners a safe and private area to discuss business, finance, marketing, safety and professionalism.
  • Warn fellow practitioners of sexual predators and/or clients who have behaved in an aggressive or otherwise inappropriate, harmful or sexually suggestive manner.
  • Discuss professional and legal methods of overcoming obstacles and challenges.

This forum is NOT a place to bash or complain about clients, “vent” about life or work in general, etc. (There are many Facebook groups where venting is allowed, please visit those forums if you simply need to unload .)

Please respect one another in this forum. This is supposed to be a safe area for our profession to learn and grow. Remember, only YOU can “hear” tone in your writing.

All comments appearing to be SPAM will be deleted without notice.

By joining and positing in the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum you agree to adhere to the following rules and regulations. Should you NOT agree with any of the following, please email us to be removed as a member of this forum. 

Waiver of Responsibility
Minds on Massage, MindsOnMassage.com, and Alyson Schlobohm CMT LLC are not responsible for the content written and submitted to the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum by forum members. Each individual member is legally responsible for any information posted and any actions that may result in response to the information submitted.

NONE of the information on this website, including these terms, should be misconstrued as legal advice. The information posted here is strictly the terms in which Minds on Massage felt could best help to protect both us as professionals and the clients we serve.

Access and Sharing
the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum is strictly prohibited to the general public and should only be viewed by approved members who have verified their legal standing as an approved body worker. Any falsified information to gain access is strictly prohibited. Anyone who provides false information to gain access will lose access and be permanently banned. Falsifying information or using someone else’s information is considered a violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and will be reported.

Members are prohibited from sharing ANY information from this forum with anyone who is not an approved member. Members are responsible for logging out of the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum forum AND MindsOnMassage.com at the end of each visit and should be especially careful if accessing the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum from a public or shared device.

Truth and Accuracy
Falsifying information is strictly prohibited. Each individual is personally responsible for all information submitted in the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum forum. Posting false accusations about another individual is libel and could lead to legal ramifications. Only 100% truthful and accurate encounters should be shared in this forum. Only first-hand, completely accurate representations of sexual or harmful misconduct by therapeutic massage or similar fields of bodywork clients shall be submitted. This forum is NOT intended to “bash” clients or discuss any rude or otherwise undesirable behavior that does not put us in harm’s way.

Intent and Purpose
the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum is a forum designed to help to protect and warn other Massage Therapists against sexual predators or clients who have behaved in an aggressive or otherwise inappropriate, harmful or sexually suggestive manner.

The intention of this forum is to help other therapists learn how to best deal with those who behave inappropriately. If you have encountered such a situation and need help in how to deal with your client please ask for help. If you have successfully and professionally dealt with such situations please share your story.

Protecting Our Clients’ Privacy and Health Information
Due to privacy, legal and the general code of ethics in which we are expected to abide by, NO information that absolutely defines a person should be posted. This includes full LAST names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. It is absolutely forbidden – as well as highly illegal – to post any of your clients’ health information. ONLY 100% accurate information pertaining to sexual, aggressive or harmful encounters should be posted.

Format for Posting an Incident in the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum
To help best identify clients who may put us in harm’s way without absolutely identifying them, please ONLY post an offending client’s first name, last initial, city or town, state of occurrence, the date in which it occurred, a 100% truthful and accurate representation of what occurred and how the situation was handled (successfully or not – the intent of this forum is to help other practitioners learn how to best handle these unfortunate situations).

How to Utilize the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum 
For legal reasons, Minds on Massage prohibits the use of absolutely identifying information. This forum is NOT intended to serve as a list that will discriminate against every person with a matching first name and last initial in the vicinity. The names on this list should NOT serve as a warning to deny every person with matching first names and last initial in the area to book an appointment. INSTEAD, if a person contacts you and, for any reason, gives the impression that there is any sort of ill intent, THEN and ONLY THEN should you check the Minds On Massage Professionals Forum for an incident with matching information in your specified area or region.

For more information on Civil Rights, the Office for Civil Rights, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), HIPAA’s Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Code of Ethics or any other professional organizations you may belong to, please contact those offices directly to determine any factors that may fall under violation of their specific terms. The terms and conditions listed here are only that of Minds on Massage and should not be considered legal advice in any way shape or form.